A Live Interactive Workshop

 for Believers who want to write a book

Discover the

Power Moves

you need to make to

increase your influence,


write your book,


publish your passion 

Hello There Soon-to-be-Author!

I hear that you have a dream to become an author, and you definitely want to successfully write your book in this season.


You're feeling the "tug" and you know it's your time!


Even though the thought of being called to craft a message that will empower lives worldwide send chills up your spine, you're totally ready and excited to step out and do it!



You know that your experiences, testimony, expertise, and passion is not just for you, but those you're called to impact.


You know the message God's given you is so powerful, that it will literally change lives!


God's been dropping so many ideas and divine downloads in your spirit,




You're not quite sure where to start. Moreover, you want to know the key steps you'll need to take in order to see it all come to pass so you can walk in the reality of your author dreams!


You also know, that you're not alone. You're actually connected to others who are experiencing the "author tug" as well, and they are fellow women and men of faith right in your local church body or personal circle of friends. This is great! You don't have to navigate the writing journey alone. NOW, is the perfect time for each of you to walk out your call to write - together! 

The perfect way to get started is by bringing the


right to your church


to your personal "Dream Launch" party!


You'll get exactly what you need, and so will they! 

What To Expect 

  • You will learn the 10 Power Moves to make to
    increase your influence, finally write your book, and publish your passion

  • We will spend 2.5 hours together and you will gain writing strategies, be empowered, and be equipped to begin working toward your writing goals

  • You'll gain clarity and insight through interaction and engagement. Yes! Come ready to learn, but also come ready to participate and share.

Yes! This is exactly what we need! 

What are the next steps?

  • Consider the audience of people you'd like to make this workshop available to, and the projected number of attendees.

  • Select a date you'd like the workshop to take place.

  • Send us a message with these details and we can talk more about bringing LAUNCH YOUR AUTHOR DREAMS to your church or hosting your personal "Dream Launch" party for your circle of sisters or friends.

Drop us a message below!

We are looking forward to sharing with you soon!

*Looking for a full day experience with even more in-depth information?

Bring the

Ready to Write Experience to your ministry

Meet Your Coach & Facilitator

Teresa Renee Hunt, M.Ed.

Best-Selling Author. Life-Makeover Strategist. Christian Book Coach. Minister

Hello there!

I'm Teresa Renee Hunt, the one who will be dropping gems and sharing the 10 power moves you need to make to launch your author dreams. Here's a little about me. In just the past year alone, I've coached and taught over 60 writers on how to take the ideas in their brain and transform them into a book. My clients have published Amazon Best Sellers, they are Award-winning authors, have been featured at the Essence Festival, and have built full brands today because they said "YES" to writing their books!


Not only do I coach others on how to write, but I myself am a 2x Best Selling Author, a newspaper columnist, and a book publisher. With over 10 years of experience as an established educator who has taught creative writing strategies to students and clients, I know exactly what it takes to increase your influence, finally write your book, and publish your passion.

Oh, and let me mention- I'm a #Jesusgirl. I'm an ordained minister of the gospel; that's really first and foremost. So with that, my calling is to push and propel you into walking in your author anointing and being who God created you to be. You have a powerful message for such a time as this. The world is waiting on you to release it.

See you during the LIVE training!

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