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The Getting Started System for First-Time Authors

*A digital course for life-changers, faith leaders, and emerging entrepreneurs looking to clarify their message, transform their brilliance & story into a book, and impact the masses with their message.  



You have the passion, expertise, and experience,


You know the message in your heart and mind is the exact inspiration and information

your audience needs


you're not sure exactly how to get started.

You've been struggling with writing consistently, and

you're not sure how to piece all of your brilliant ideas together.


Now that you've made the unwavering commitment to writing your book in this new year,

you KNOW you need STRATEGY.

Writing Strategy That Is:



And more importantly,


because you want to seize this season and finally bring your book to fruition.


Getting Started System for First-time Authors


This course will provide you a blueprint and step-by-step strategy.

It is 100% virtual and you will have lifetime access to the materials. 


What's Inside:

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Write It Fast! Masterclass 

-In this 90-minute video training class, I teach you my proven framework for writing with clarity and writing consistently because writing your book doesn't have to take a long time. This is the foundational blueprint my clients use to write their books in eight weeks or less!


-Start and finish your book with easy-to-implement strategies ​​

-Gain momentum, write consistently + steer clear of writer's block

-Overcome fear and message-doubt so you can write with full confidence ​

-Package your message in a way that is irresistible and relevant​ ​

-Establish your authority and connect with your audience

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Build Your Book Template

-This implementation guide is a 42-page fillable e-book designed for you to identify the essential elements for your book, it provides insight on how to develop them, and space to summarize your unique content.

Position yourself to publish a professional product

Often times, first-time self-published authors attempt to DIY everything, inevitably neglecting to include important elements in their books. With this resource, you’ll be in position to build your book according to industry standards so you can have a professional product that you can be proud of and one that readers will be happy to have in their hands!

Magnify Your Message 101:

Secrets for making your story stand out, sell out, & impact lives. 

An engaging video training that is full of strategies for transforming your story and mistakes into a MESSAGE that will empower others


-The benefits of turning your mess into a message

-The #1 thing you must do to impact the masses​

-The biggest mistake ministry-minded writers make and the right thing to do instead

-Four major benefits to releasing your message in the form of a book​​

-How to make your story stand out, sell out, and have a major impact in the lives of those you're called to reach


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Foundational Framework Clarity Guide


As a writer, it is essential for you to have personal clarity. Likewise, you want to be able to clearly articulate your message and it's value to your target audience so they are persuaded to buy your book because they know it's beneficial to them. Clarity yields writing consistency, author-reader connection, and cashflow. This interactive e-guide is designed to help you fortify your foundation so you can write with clarity, intentionality, and focus. 


Start Writing, Right Now
Access the practical, strategic, and actionable steps that will position you to start writing, right away!

All Materials Are Available for Immediate Access Upon Purchase!

Write it fast enrollment

Getting Started System for First-Time Authors


Normal Tuition: $249
Limited-Time Special: $147


Michele Pitts-Brown Book

Michele Pitts-Brown

Consultant & Author

Teresa really helped me get organized and write in a way that is descriptive.

I couldn't have been more pleased to have Teresa as a mentor.

I'm not a novice at writing, but Teresa helped me sharpen my skills and she has given me a good product to put in publication."


Latisha Robinson

Pastor & Mother of 5

I am so happy I hooked up with Teresa. I heard of many great stories of her helping other people push out their dreams.


I'm glad I enrolled in [her program]. Teresa taught us so much! If you are looking forward to writing a book or getting it out in a certain time frame, connect with Teresa. She is there to help you and teach you the way.

NEW- book cover photo for back- lightene

Shandia Booker

School Counselor & Author

[Coaching] with Teresa was one of the best decisions I've made. Teresa is very encouraging, passionate, and successful. She is a joy to work with on a big project like a book.

I encourage you to make to make the investment in yourself so you can birth your book and share it with generations to come.


Hello! I'm Teresa Renee Hunt and I equip emerging, entrepreneurs, professional leaders, and educators like you, to package their expertise in the form of a book and launch powerful author brands. Ultimately, I help you clarify your message and magnify your impact, influence, and income through the power of your words.


I am a Best-Selling Author, Book Coach, Empowerment Speaker and founder of Truth2RenewHearts Publishing- a Christian Self-Publishing & Branding Consultancy.

As you are looking for guidance and strategy for your writing process, through the Getting Started System for First-time Authors, you will gain clarity, step-by-step instruction, and a book blueprint, and access the signature framework my clients and I have used to write our books at an accelerated pace.


My clients have become Award-Winning authors, Best-Selling authors, Essence Festival features, notable conference speakers, and they have built captivating brands by leveraging the power of their wisdom and written words! My team and I offer clarity & breakthrough coaching, manuscript editing, book publishing, leadership & success trainings, and seminars teaching the signature Birth Your Book ™ framework.

In addition to coaching thought-leaders and imparting strategies for personal and professional success, I am the 2x Amazon Best-Selling Author of the books Positioned To Be Found: How To Prepare Yourself for Marriage Right Now and the Focused Faith Journal. I've also served as a contributing writer for the New Pittsburgh Courier and Nia Online Magazine. My empowerment efforts and publishing business have been recognized through Pittsburgh’s Fab40 Awards, the Women Entrepreneurs of Pittsburgh, and the Soul Pitt Quarterly Magazine.


I'm looking forward to teaching you strategies that will equip you to walk out your God-given assignment and maximize the moment He's given you in this new year of 2021, so you can increase your impact, income, and influence. 

It's Your Time to Shine! Reach the world with your wisdom and words by getting started today.

Gain immediate access to the tools that will position you to get started, below.

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