A purposed-packed, strategy-filled

live experience

for women of faith, visionaries, &

lady leaders ready to write their book and magnify their influence

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9:00 am - 3:30 pm




Hey there Aspiring Author!

So, I know you, (and other members in your church) have an idea for a book, but like a see-saw you’ve been going back and forth with yourself about actually writing it. Yes, you have faith, you're a believer, but if you could just muster up the courage, get clear with your thoughts, kick fear to the curb, and get moving with a plan, you know you could do this thing, for real, for real!

In short, quiet as kept, you’ve been sitting on your message, but you also know you’d better get in step with God and your goals. You are ready to get your mindset right, and you're ready to gain divine insight for your manuscript before you let 2020 come and go. I know you're ready to position yourself for productivity before you go another year with your story still in your spirit and a life-changing book still in your belly.

Well, let me tell you- The Ready to Write Experience is the perfectly fitted key to UNLOCK and UNLEASH exactly what’s been keeping you stuck, silent, stagnant, and without strategy.

It’s time to align yourself with the mission of magnifying your influence and glorifying God by sharing your unique message!

It’s time to share

Your Testimony. Your Expertise. Your Story. Your Experience. Your Triumphs

So that others can be Transformed!

Take ONE day out of this 1st quarter of the year, to finally position yourself and others in ministry with you, to walk out your author calling, and walk into your season of empowering lives with the message you have inside!

The Ready to Write Experience is perfect for you!

The Experience

Ready to Write is an interactive, 

clarity-inducing, full-day event designed to equip Christian writers with valuable strategies, and position them for productivity, so they can run with writing their book at an accelerated pace!



The Ready to Write Experience

is for:

Women of Faith

Ministers. Entrepreneurs. Creatives. First Ladies. Mommas. Professionals.

Passion-driven Women. Leaders. Pastors. Visionaries.

(and yes, brave fellas with a message are welcome too!)

An audience of people are waiting for you, and your message is just what they need. 

Discover the purpose-moves you need to make in order to turn your ideas into a book that will have great impact. Gain the fundamental formula that will make your writing come easy and get-a-move on your manuscript. If you're ready to write, this is the right place for you!

Take a Peek Inside of Ready To Write

By joining the

Ready to Write Experience 


  •  Discover how to package your message in a powerful publication

  • Get crystal clear on your impact, influence & audience

  • Break through mental barriers, fear, and obstacles in order to embrace your greatness

  • Identify your unique author brand story

  • Learn the secret to writing a book that sales and captivates readers​

  • Unlock the 5-step Easy Writing Formula

  • Position yourself to write with clarity and consistency so you can finally celebrate your book completion

PLUS you'll get...


  • Access to a complimentary Group Accountability and Q & A Call

  • The exclusive Ready to Write Playbook

(course materials)

  • Access to like-minded accountability partners

  • A jump start on your accelerated writing process!


What Others Are Saying...

I am so happy I hooked up with Teresa. I saw her on Facebook and heard many stories of her helping other people push out their dreams and their book. I learned how to write catchy chapter titles, how to organize my book, and how to allow for smooth flow, and an easy read for my audience. Teresa taught so much, and most importantly she taught me time management. If you’re looking to get your book out in a certain frame, connect with Teresa, she will teach you the way.

Rev. Latisha Robinson


Author of forthcoming book: Trusting God in the Midst of Crisis

It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. What I like about working with Teresa is that she’s professional, she provides you feedback in an effective manner and she’s very encouraging. She’s passionate about the work she does, so she’s a joy to work with, and this is very important when you’re birthing a big project like a book.

Shandia Booker

School Counselor

Author of

Dear Brooklyn Love Yourself

I had an idea for a book for about 6 years, so I would write sporadically not really having direction and along comes Teresa and Birth Your Book Bootcamp. Teresa is professional, she’s a woman of God, a woman of high standards, she gives you constructive feedback, and she’s with you every step of the way… my book is going through the editing and publishing phases!

Michelle Beckett

Christian Life Coach

Author of

Hidden Treasures


9:00- 9:30 am

Brilliant Minds Mingle

9:30 - 12:00 pm 

Manuscript, Mindset, and Mapping


12:00 - 1:00 pm

Lunch, Learn, & Leverage

1:00 - 3:00 pm 

Purpose, Productivity, & Power




Brandstory Breakthroughs


author atmosphere

Meet Your Ready To Write

Host & Coach

Hello there!

I'm Teresa Renee Hunt, the one who will be pouring out all the juicy strategies and bite-sized info to you so you can jump start your writing. Here's a little about me. In just the past year alone, I've coached and taught over 60 writers on how to take the ideas in their brain and transform them into a book. My clients have published Amazon Best Sellers, they are Award-winning authors, have been featured at the Essence Festival, and have built full brands today because they said "YES" to writing their books!

I know that you, or members of your ministry, have a book stirring in your spirit that needs to be birthed, so I've designed the Ready To Write Experience for you so you can build a firm writing foundation that will allow you to run with your writing at an accelerated pace! If you've been on the writer's seesaw, going up and down with your writing consistency, if you need to push past your mental barriers, and if you need a strategic plan for productive writing, join me, along with other like-minded women (and a few men of valor) so you can magnify your influence by implementing strategies that work. Grab a date that works well for you or with the ministry's schedule, and let's talk about bringing the Ready To Write Experience right to you. Now is the time to write your book! Let's get to it. I'm here with you and for you.

#ReadytoWrite  #LetsDoThisTogether 

See you soon!

-Teresa Renee


Not only do I coach others on how to write, but I myself am a 2x Best Selling Author, a newspaper columnist, and a book publisher. With over 10 years of experience as an established educator who has taught creative writing strategies to students and clients, I know exactly what it takes to write a book that is captivating and keeps a reader from wanting to put it down! 

Oh, and let me mention- I'm a #Jesusgirl. I'm an ordained minister of the gospel; that's really first and foremost. So with that, my calling is to push and propel you into walking in your author anointing and being who God created you to be. You have a powerful message for such a time as this. The world is waiting on you to release it.

Bring the Ready to Write Experience to your church so you, along with the aspiring authors within your local congregation can be empowered, equipped, and positioned to glorify God with the message He has given each of you. Let's partner together so you all can be  good stewards of your gift, and so you can be in alignment with the divine assignment God has placed upon you in this season. It's time to impact the world through your words so that others can be transformed!


Want to learn more and set a date for the experience?

Drop us a note and we'll get right back to you! I'd be glad to discuss all the details and arrange when we can make it happen! 

Blessings, Teresa

See you at the

Ready to Write Experience!