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Thank you for your interest in publishing your book with Truth2RenewHearts. 

Truth2RenewHearts Publishing is a full service 
self-publishing & branding consultancy. We specialize in transforming your message into a high quality, professional book so you can increase your influence, transform lives, magnify your expertise, and launch a profitable author brand. We position you to clarify your message, unleash your brilliance & story, and build your platform as an authorprenuer.

As you are a high-achieving and purpose-driven woman, educator, entrepreneur or ministry leader, we know that you value stellar service, quality outcomes, and efficient systems so you can continue to maximize productivity in your personal lane of influence. We know you have a full plate and desire to package your brilliance and story in a book to increase your reach and your revenue.


Recognizing your position and vision, our publishing team executes behind the scenes, taking care of the intricate details of the entire publishing process so you can focus on your area of passion & expertise while being in position to launch your book with ease, impact, and profitability. 


1. Review the Truth2RenewHearts Editorial Standards to ensure mutual agreement

Editorial Standards are essential to our partnership with authors. Can two walk together, except they be agreed?- Amos 3:3 KJV. As a Christian publisher, we strive to uphold Biblical principles. As an emerging author who is also a Believer, we recognize your goal is to share a powerful message while upholding Truth.​ When you publish with us, you are publishing with a company who shares

the same values as you.








2. Review our Editing & Publishing Guides 

The editing and publishing guides provide an overview of each phase and the investments.




3. Submit your full manuscript for the Editorial Standards Review 

Once you review the editorial standards, if you would like to move forward with editing and publishing, we would happy to partner with you! In order to proceed, you must sign the Editorial Standards Manuscript Review Agreement, submit the review assessment, and then submit your manuscript for the Editorial Standards Review. Our team will review the content of your manuscript to confirm alignment to the standards and to ensure all the essential elements of your manuscript are present (i.e. front and back matter).

The Editorial Standards Review is $97.  If your manuscript aligns with the standards, the $97 will be credited toward the Truth2RenewHearts publishing package of your choice if you move forward within two weeks of approval.



*Important Note: All manuscripts must be sent as a Word document via email to using the email title

"Editorial Manuscript Review Submission"


4.  Join the Truth2RenewHearts Family

The Truth2RenewHearts team will edit and prepare your book for publication upon a successful manuscript review.









5. You become a published author and your book is released!

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The Truth2RenewHearts Team is looking forward to welcoming you into the family of authors!

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