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 The Authorpreneur Acceleration System

 a proven step-by-step framework and

coaching program for you to write your book in 8 weeks, expand your brand, and be in position to launch your message with impact, influence, & increased income.

Write with ease

Amplify your reach 

Increase your income

Attract the perfect opportunities

Hello there soon-to-be-author,

I know a little something about you.

You have a powerful message to share, but you're not sure how to piece it all together

You have many ideas for your book, but you don't know where or how to start

You've received confirmation, after confirmation that "now" is your time, but you struggle with staying committed to the writing process

You've been waiting for the "perfect" time to write consistently, and if you're honest, you've wasted precious time (no worries, my lips are sealed! I won't spill your secret 

I know you've hit writer's block a time or two

And, you have a few paragraphs on paper but you keep starting and stopping.....because you're unsure if you're writing "the right way"


BUT, you KNOW you have a message to share.

You see yourself speaking, teaching, coaching, and mentoring clients while sharing your brilliance and your story

You're tired of being the best kept secret when you know you're full of quality advice that is meant to change others' lives.

You are determined to write your book and become an in-demand author and thought-leader

And, after being stuck and trying to do it on your own for some time now....


You know if you had someone, (a mentor + coach) to check-in with you and keep you accountable, 


If you had a proven strategy and personal feedback on your ideas, 


AND if you had a blueprint to make your writing come easy, and take all the guest work out of how to complete and successfully launch your book

Then you could FINALLY  add "author" to your bio, expand your brand, attract opportunities, and not only release your book, but launch a profitable business.

You've decided that 2020 is your year to make it happen! And you're ready to run with your vision now!


  • Writing with ease every time your fingers grace the computer keys

  • Sitting down and the words simply flowing from your mind without a struggle 


  • Knowing exactly how to captivate readers because you know how to write the 'right way'

  • Holding your completed manuscript in your hands in 8 weeks or less!

  • Smiling and taking pictures at your successful and memorable book signing event

  • Waking up to royalty notifications from Amazon because your book is landing in virtual shopping carts consistently

  • Receiving speaking and coaching requests from organizations and conferences 

  • Selling out of books each time you hit the stage to empower audiences worldwide​ 

  • Embracing the fulfillment that comes with walking in the reality of your dreams!


is just what you need to finally get clear, complete your manuscript, and create + launch your profitable author brand.


Refine your message

Finally get CLEAR on your vision, define your audience, structure your message, and have no doubt about the value of what you have to offer!

complete your manuscript

Know what to write every time you sit down. With your customized attainable action plan, you will complete your chapters in record time!


Plan your launch

Develop your personal blueprint for book success after discovering best-selling strategies and  must-have tools for building an authorpreneur brand.

The place

Christian Entrepreneurs, High-achieving and Purpose-driven women, Influencers, & Thought-leaders come to

accelerate their writing process and their path to authorpreneur success.

The Application process is open for the next cohort. If you're ready to invest in your vision & goals, schedule your Bootcamp Discovery call with Teresa to apply.


Michele Pitts-Brown Book Photo.png

Michele Pitts-Brown, Author

Embracing Your Child's Unique Abilities

 It was the best decision I've made in my life! Teresa really helped me get organized and write in a way that is descriptive...

I couldn't have been more pleased to have Teresa as a mentor.

I'm not a novice at writing, but Teresa helped me sharpen my skills and she has given me a good product to put in publication."

christina leeman.jpg

Christina Leeman,

Founder, She Who Honors

Teresa's an encourager. She helped bring out my good writing skills. She taught me to be clear and concise. I liked getting timelines for each chapter. If you have a pain point or if you have something inside that's to help others become what God created them to be; I highly recommend Birth Your Book Bootcamp! 


Parrish Davenport

Executive Director, Family & Friends Initiative

I completed an awesome bootcamp through Truth2RenewHearts Publishing and was coached by one of the BEST authors, Teresa Renee. If you are interested in writing a book and need direction, contact the company today! It's worth the investment and time! I'm one happy client!

What You Will Gain

Inside of Birth Your Book Bootcamp we will spend 60  purpose-filled and productive days together.
You'll discover how to:

  • Write your book in record time! No more confusion. No more sitting on your additional stream of income


  • Captivate readers and keep them turning the pages of your book

  • Share your expertise and knowledge in a way that impacts lives and sells!


  • Tell your story from a place of triumph and victory 

  • Outline your book like a pro!

  • Say 'goodbye' to writer's block forever, 


  • Have productive writing sessions every time your fingers tap the computer keys!


  • Inspire people from a place of authenticity, realness, and relevance 

  • Craft a sizzling story line and an amazing author bio 

  • Write a book description that will capture readers and persuade them to place your book in their Amazon cart

  • Promote and sell your book before it even releases!

  • Develop multiple streams of revenue based on your book, (i.e. creating a business with your book)





You will learn how to:

  • Identify your purpose and intentions for writing

  • Define your target reader audience so you can MAGNIFY your impact!


  • Discover your unique value proposition and the features that will make your book stand out

  • Embrace your strengths, story, and personal solutions



You will learn how to:

  • Implement the B.O.O.K Formula in order develop structure and foundation for the content of your book

  • Extract your expertise and the quality advice you've gained through your career, a crisis, your education, and your life-experiences.

  • Create a road map for the content of your manuscript and organize your scattered thoughts.




You will learn how to:

  • Package your expertise (we'll go over how to position your content as benefits for the reader so you won't bore, bleed, or brag all over your audience).

  • Implement the secret formula that will position you for PROductive, purpose-filled writing sessions every time your fingers tap the computer keys and your eyes hit the screen. 

  • Create your outline and build your manuscript.



What you will do:

  • You will write your book the right way!  You will move from information to implementation. You will release your life-changing message and complete your manuscript.

  • Midway through, you'll receive a personal manuscript review with feedback that will move you forward as you write your way to the manuscript finish line! 



You will learn how to:

  • Generate revenue as a business (yes, your book is your business!)

  •  Build, grow, and connect with your audience

  • Create programs and speaking topics based on the content of your book.

  • Develop your best-seller book launch plan using proven strategies as your guide.

  • Implement our Authorpreneur Success Formula   so you can increase your influence and income



  • Our Professional Publishing Framework    for presenting your message to the world with high quality and caliber


  • How to best prepare your manuscript for editing

  • Design and graphic strategies that attract your ideal readers

  • Best practices for self-published authors and how to avoid presenting yourself as an amateur author

You will discover:



You will learn how to:

  • Create an irresistible book description which will persuade readers to purchase your book without hesitation​.

  • Transform a prospective reader into one who buys your book! 

  • Craft a captivating author bio that boasts your credentials without being "braggy"


  • Turn your words into phrases that propel your ideal reader to finish your book and drop you an amazing testimonial.​

During Bootcamp you will receive:

-Seven (7) Learning Modules with step-by-step video trainings

-Six (6) Companion Guides

- Includes lesson notes and mini-workbook activities

-Customized Outline Timeline


-Outline Template Example

-A sample of the exact outline Teresa used to write her bestselling book

-Customized Manuscript Timeline

-Access to the Birth Your Book proprietary system for book completion

-The exact framework our graduates have used to write award-winning books!

-Authorpreneur Success Formula 

-The step-by-step guiding principles to building a business with your book

-Sizzling Book Description Blueprint

-The structure you need to create a book cover that turns potential readers into buyers 

-Cohort  & Colleague Support in private community

Plus all the proven strategies, elements, and frameworks shared within the curriculum!


Books of a few of our Graduates 

Dear Brooklyn - Front Mock Up.png
Mult. books - P.D..png
MockUp Back & Front.png
Hidden Treasures - Back & Front Mock Up.

live q &a

Get all the information you need! Ask Teresa anything book related and get the answers that will set you up for success!



When you join as a VIP or enroll in the 1-on-1 coaching & mentoring experience, Teresa will review every chapter you write & provide customized feedback and best-seller recommendations.


You will receive a complimentary 

manuscript review

midway through your manuscript

writing process

DIGITAL access

You gain on-demand access to the curriculum and class recordings for up to 90 days so you can revisit the content and teachings.

Birth Your Book Bootcamp is packed with practical & proven strategies used to birth multiple 

Amazon Best Selling books!

The books of our Bootcamp graduates have been featured at

The Essence Festival, notable conferences, retail stores, and libraries in other continents!

Our writers have become

Award Winning Authors! 

This can be your reality too!

Why is Birth Your Book Bootcamp the best experience?

Hear testimonials from some of our graduates



Hello there Author-To-Be!

I'm Teresa Renee Hunt, your book coach for the next 60 days, and I know exactly where you are and how you're feeling right now. Just a few short years ago, I had an idea for a book, but I didn't know how to start or where to start; and I was actually afraid to even put myself out there- even though I knew I had a message to share. Once I decided to write, I was stuck on my manuscript for a whole year. Then one day, I decided to tap into my many years of teaching experience, I devised plan, followed it, and I wrote my book in 2 months! Upon publishing and releasing my book, I become a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author! That was in 2015 when I released and published my first book, Positioned To be Found: How To Prepare Yourself For Marriage Right Now. Then in January 2018, I released my 2nd book, The Focused Faith Journal, and it hit #1 as an Amazon New Release! It's safe to say I know a thing or two about writing a good book, and now I want to teach you the process so you can birth yours!

I know you’re ready to eliminate excuses and put an end to sitting on your book dream and goals. So I’m here and ready to “whip you into writing shape!” (well, not really whip, but more like, push ya). Here’s the deal, someone needs your message. So, let’s get busy- on purpose! It’s time to Birth Your Book! 


Here’s a little more about me. In addition to being a Book Coach, Publisher, and Life-Makeover Strategist, I’m an Educator. I have a master’s and bachelor's degree in education, plus I'm a certified School Administrator, and spent a couple years as a Dean. So, yes! Teaching, coaching, programming, and developing curriculum that produces results is my super power! This, mixed with my book success, lets you know, that I know what it takes to compose a tantalizing message that will grab the attention of prospective buyers and transform readers! I am fully aware of the writing process and I’m going to push you and hold you accountable so you can get your book done! I know you don’t want another year or another month to go by and you still haven’t birthed your book. Don’t you think it’s finally time for you to get that book out of your heart and onto some pages? I sure do! So go on and sign up to be a part!


I'll see YOU on the "author" side! Let's Birth Your Book.


When joining Birth Your Book Bootcamp you receive:

-Eight (8) weeks of coaching, writing strategy, support, personal accountability, and empowerment with Teresa

-Step-by-step guidance on creating book content that will transform, encourage, and empower your readers

-Full Access to ALL Sessions, Modules & Course Content 

-LIVE Q & A for you to glean everything you ever wanted to know about writing, publishing and all that's in between

-Personalized Outline and Manuscript Timelines with Due Dates

-Access to the Private Online Accountability Group

-Proven strategies that equip you to write your book in record time

-Exclusive access to proprietary frameworks and blueprints to take you from being your industry's best-kept secret to positioning you as a best-selling author

-Personalized manuscript feedback & actionable steps to fine-tune and magnify your message (VIP & 1-on-1 clients only)


1-on-1 Manuscript Accountability Session

The 7 Mistakes Authors Make & How to do it the Right Way

Training Class

Birth Your Book Bootcamp is now open for enrollment!

Schedule your Bootcamp Discovery call with Teresa to share your author vision and to apply. 


*Bring in the new year by birthing your book! The Bootcamp experience will begin in January. Special enrollment bonuses and installment plans are available. Apply today to secure your spot so you can accelerate your writing and pathway to authorpreneurship.



-You are ready to start and finish your book in record time

-You are committed to writing your manuscript in 8 weeks


-You are open to best-seller recommendations and receptive to feedback.

-Your goal is to write a non-fiction book (i.e. self-help, inspirational, devotional, informational)

-You are striving to glorify God in all things and desire to approach your writing from a Biblical worldview

-You are ready to be supported every step of the way

-You have Microsoft Word, internet access, and computer navigation skills

-You are open to personal accountability and constructive feedback to ensure you meet your goals

-You recognize the value in a coaching relationship and are ready and able to make a financial investment


-You're waiting until you have the perfect schedule before you start moving on your manuscript

-You don't believe you're called for such a time as 'now'

-You like to do things your way all the time, and you take pride in 'your way', even when it hasn't helped you reach your writing goal

-You are not ready to invest in yourself so you can be in position to impact those who you are called to reach

-You are not interested in accountability and support, and you want to figure out how to write a successful book on your own

-You will not have Microsoft Word and internet access throughout the duration of the program

-You plan to approach your writing from a perspective other than a Biblical worldview

-You are unwilling to make a time or financial investment into your future

During Bootcamp, clients work closely with Teresa Renee Hunt as their book coach so that their book can be completed in 8 weeks. It is essential that this partnership is a good fit for both the client and coach. The Application Profile will help Teresa get to know more about you and your book before Bootcamp begins. Please only apply if you have read the information above and are ready and able to make an investment into your future and goals, plus will commit to writing your book during the 8 week coaching & mentoring program. 

Bootcamp Enrollmet


Preliminary Step: Schedule Your Call

*after your call*

Step 1: Select the option best for you

Step 2: Complete the Application Profile

*You will be automatically redirected *

Step 3: Prepare to Birth Your Book & increase your influence, impact, and income.


  • How do the accountability & support aspects of the program work?
    Glad you asked! As we prepare you to write your book in 8 weeks, in addition to the weekly live trainings and Q & A sessions, you will receive a customized outline timeline and custom manuscript timeline with specific due dates for each of your book chapters. To provide the ultimate level of accountability, you'll have a personal online folder which you will use to submit all chapters. With Teresa as your coach, she will see to it that you remain committed throughout the Bootcamp process by confirming that you've completed the chapters. When you join the 1:1 Mentoring & Accountability path, you will also receive chapter-by-chapter personalized feedback and recommendations on your outline and manuscript to enhance your content and create a page-turning book! You receive these accountability elements in addition to the LIVE trainings and Q & A sessions following each training module for support and guidance. As you see, we set you up for writing success!
  • Where will the sessions take place?
    We will meet in our online classroom through a private virtual meeting platform. As a student, you will be able to join the LIVE Training Sessions from the comfort of your home.
  • What if I miss a LIVE Session?
    We got you covered. All LIVE classes will be recorded. The trainings will be loaded inside the student portal within 48 hours. You will be able to access the content right away, remain on track and have exactly what you need to write your book in 8 weeks!
  • Will my manuscript really be done in 8 weeks?
    Yes! As long as you follow the customized outline timeline and the manuscript timeline PLUS grace the computer keys with your fingers as you pour your message onto the pages. As long as you do this, the first draft of your manuscript will be completed in 8 weeks! Our proven system works when you work it. If however, you let your commitment dwindle, you set yourself up to fall behind and outside of the Bootcamp timeframe. In this case, you will no longer have direct access to me or be eligible for feedback. At that point, you'll be on your own. But, your purpose in wanting to join Bootcamp is because you want SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY, right? (yes!) So, be sure to do your part so you can birth your book during our 8 weeks together.
  • I'm ready to join! The Installment option is best for me. How does it work?
    Awesome! We are thrilled you are ready to join! Here's how the installment plan works. You'll submit your first installment to secure your spot. The next payment, and consecutive installments will be set automatically every 2 weeks.
  • Is there a refund policy?
    Birth Your Book Bootcamp Author Accelerator is an accountability program. We believe commitment and follow-though yield success. We are here to equip you to meet your goals, and by enrolling you are acknowledging that you are too! With this in mind and due to the value you receive from day 1 until the end of the program, we have a no-refund policy.
  • I have a question that isn't on the list. Who can I contact?
    You may send an email to and a team member will be able to assist you.

Disclaimer: There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. Our materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Any actions or lack of actions, taken by the client of such advice is done so solely by choice and responsibility of the client and is neither the responsibility nor liability of Teresa Renee Hunt or Truth2RenewHearts Enterprises, LLC. Clients take full responsibility in the decisions they make during and after being coached as well as the associated consequences. Clients enter into coaching with full understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results. As with any business or book endeavor, your results will vary and will be based on your personal abilities, experience, knowledge, capabilities, and an infinite number of variables outside of our control, including factors we or you have not anticipated. The use of our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that we are not liable for your success or failure.

Be Our Next Success Story

Apply, Enroll, and Reserve Your Seat

Before it's gone!


Birth Your Book Bootcamp is an exclusive acceleration and accountability coaching program for high-achieving and purpose-driven life changers who are serious about sharing their brilliance and building their authorpreneur brand in order to increase their impact, influence, and income.

If this is you, and you are ready and able to invest in your vision, schedule your Bootcamp Discovery Call to share your vision and apply today. You will receive more information about the program prior to your scheduled call.

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