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Write your book in 60 days!

For writers who are ready to finally make their dream their reality!

The place aspiring authors come in order to

finally write their book


* You have a book idea inside of you but you’re not sure where to start,

or you've started but you've got "writer's block" and now you're stuck

*You've been trying to write your book for some time, but, 

you know you need accountability so you push your book-baby out

* You want to share your expertise, experiences, and message with the masses


*You are ready to transform your pain into power by publishing your story in order to empower others

*You need an effective strategy which will finally allow you to get your manuscript done in 2 months or less

because you know time is tickin' and you've waited long enough


YES, you sure just described ME to a "T"!

GREAT! BIRTH YOUR BOOK BOOTCAMP is the perfect solution for you! 

Birth Your Book Bootcamp is a short, rigorous, writer’s intensive designed to move you from

ideas of passion to publication as you manifest your manuscript

"I highly recommend it to anyone who has a story they want to tell and they need to get it out"


My Bootcamp Experience
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In This Writer's Bootcamp You Will:

What you get



*Bootcamp enrollment is open to a limited number of participants. The dates for the upcoming cycle are

JUNE 18th - AUGUST 18th

All applications must be submitted by Wed. June 13th at 11:59 pm. Enrollment will officially close at this time.


Finally get CLEAR on your vision, define your audience, structure your messaging, and have no doubt about the value of what you have to offer!


No more writer's block. Know what to write every time you sit down. With your customized attainable action plan, you will complete your chapters in record time!


How long have you been sitting on your book? Long enough, right?  Support & accountability is just what you need to stay on track! (We're here to help you get it done!)

Here's What You Get

& What to Expect:

-An attainable action plan
-Chapter completion in record time
-Ideas out of your brain and onto the computer
-An outline timeline to optimize your writing sessions
-Increased writing productivity
- 1-on-1 Accountability and Guidance  

-Three (3) group coaching sessions
A. Mindset Mastery for Manuscript Completion
B. Identifying Your Target Reader Audience
C. How to Write an Outline Like a Pro So You Can Be Pro-ductive

-60 days of execution and empowerment
-Manuscript submission due dates
-60 day email support and manuscript review
-No excuses; Commitment to your goal
-Your manuscript! Ready for the editing process



Manuscript Accountability 


7 Mistakes Authors Make & How to Do It the Right Way

Training Class

Yes! I want in!

Enrollment for Birth Your Book Bootcamp is currently closed.


When you commit to the process, your manuscript will be COMPLETE in 60 days. You'll be supported every step of the way, and more importantly, you'll have the accountability you need in order to manifest your manuscript. You will gain access to  to 3 coaching modules, 1-on-1 email access to your coach, a customized timeline for completion, feedback on your manuscript, personal manuscript review, a bonus training class on the do's and don'ts as an author, and more! You’ve invested in everything else over the years, right? Now it’s time to invest in your vision, so you no longer dream of being an author, but being an author can be your reality. And the best part is, when you complete your manuscript within the 60 days, you will receive a $100 credit to be used toward the Truth2RenewHearts Publishing Package of your choice. That's a bonus when you choose to publish your book with us and become part of the Truth2RenewHearts family of authors! 

You can pay-in-full, and there is also installment plan available. To get started, click below to complete the Birth Your Book Bootcamp Interest / Application form and tell us about yourself and your book. Following submission, you will be notified within 3-5 business days of your acceptance, upon which you be sent a link to submit the investment.

Enrollment is Closed

Birth Your Book Bootcamp 


Birth Your Book Bootcamp  

Installment Plan = 2 Payments   

*The 1st installment must be paid to secure your spot. The full amount must be submitted by June 30th; more details will be sent upon acceptance

Birth Your Book Bootcamp  

Installment Plan = 3 Payments   

*The 1st installment must be paid to secure your spot. The full amount must be submitted by June 30th; more details will be sent upon acceptance