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When you step inside this

FREE webinar,

you will get all the juicy details on:

  • How to start your book, ditch writer's block, and position yourself to finish successfully!

  • My 5-step formula for writing your book FAST

  • The BIGGEST mindset shift you must make to actually complete your manuscript

  • Why tracking word count is keeping you stuck and the BEST thing to do instead!

  • The #1 thing my clients and I do while writing to reach BEST SELLER status​​ when our books are released

Ready to start and finish your book for real this time?

Grab your virtual seat for this free webinar. I'll be sharing tips and spilling the tea on how you can get your book done this year, and even better, this summer!

Meet Your Host

Teresa Renee Hunt, M.Ed.

Best-Selling Author. Life-Makeover Strategist. Christian Book Coach. Minister

Hello there!

I'm Teresa Renee Hunt, the one who will be dropping gems during the webinar so you can start and finish your book.


As a Book Coach, women of faith, ministry leaders, and Kingdom entrepreneurs turn to me when they are ready to take their testimony, life’s lessons, & pain, and transform them into a powerful message in the form of a book. In short, I equip you to write, release, and publish your story. 


In just the past year alone, I've coached and taught over 60 + writers on how to take the ideas in their brain and transform them into a book. My clients have published Amazon Best Sellers, they are Award-winning authors, have been featured at the Essence Festival, and have built full brands today because they said "YES" to writing their books and sharing their message!


Not only do I coach others on how to write, but I myself am a 2x Best Selling Author, a newspaper columnist, and a book publisher. With over 10 years of experience as an established educator who has taught creative writing strategies to students and clients, I know exactly what it takes for you to increase your influence, finally write your book, and publish your passion.

Oh, and let me mention- I'm a #Jesusgirl. I'm an ordained minister of the gospel; that's really first and foremost. So with that, my calling is to push and propel you into walking in your author anointing and being who God created you to be. You have a powerful message for such a time as this. The world is waiting on you to release it.

See you during the LIVE training!

*To learn more about me and other speaking & workshop topics, I welcome you to visit my online home at

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