Teaching Christian Ministers, Leaders, & Coaches how to write and
self-publish their first book
so they can

monetize their message, magnify their influence,
and multiply their impact.

Teresa Renee Hunt, M.Ed.
Writing Consultant I Minister I Author


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Write With Ease

10 Simple Steps to Writing Your First Book Successfully

Discover the proven steps to write a quality book that transforms the lives of others and positions you to write with ease, clarity, and acceleration.

Hello Life Changer,

I'm so glad you're here.

I know you've had an idea for a book for a while now.

Consider this introduction the right-on-time nudge you need to truly prioritize your calling to write and publish your book.

Yes indeed, your book will change lives and open unlimited doors of opportunity for you, but you have to write it first. 

As a life-changer, you're already known as a leader by vocation or profession. Now, let's transform your wisdom, experience, and brilliance into a high-value book so you can establish thought leadership and authority in your area of expertise. Even your life has been transformed by reading valuable content in a book. Now is the time for you to author your own.


As someone who influences people, you can increase your impact and credibility in the specific field that you are passionate and knowledgeable about by writing and publishing your book. Publishing your message will position you to build a framework that will amplify your personal brand, ministry, and Kingdom business.


Your brilliance is bankable. Your message is worth being magnified. Your reach will be multiplied. Through your light and obedience, lives will be changed and God will be glorified. 

Need strategy, guidance, and accountability to start, finish, and publish your book?

That's where I come in. 


I'm Teresa. The Minister's & Leader's Book Coach, and I look forward to working with you to Birth Your Book®.



Nicole Chamblin
Productivity Coach

"Teresa gave me a proven process, expert guidance"

Working with Teresa allowed me to be crystal clear on what I wanted to share and put myself in the shoes of the reader to experience it through their eyes.

I value process and productivity. Teresa brought both to the table. She made it easy to write my book in just 60 days through her Birth My Book Bootcamp. She gave me valuable feedback on ways I could make my content better for the reader. 

I knew I wanted to write a book, but didn't have a process nor the knowledge of best practices . Teresa gave me a proven process, expert guidance and insider knowledge that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

audra mcnavish.jpg

Audra McNavish, Ed.D
Autistic Support Educator

"The steps I followed made sense and work!"

Teresa took the time to build modules {in Bootcamp} that were very beneficial . They explained the do's and don'ts in writing.

The steps I followed made sense and work!

Teresa was accommodating, professional, and honest. A true pleasure to work with and I look forward to hiring her company to help complete the book process.

Trusting the professionals and the process works. I accelerated the time and finished my book in a very short amount of time!

Michelle Beckett - DSC_0534_edited.jpg

Michelle Beckett
Christian Life Coach & Evangelist

In 8 weeks I completed my manuscript!"

I had an idea for a book for 6 years but I struggled with accountability, so in six years I didn't have anything close to a completed manuscript. Along came Birth Your Book Bootcamp and it changed my life. In 8 weeks I completed my manuscript.

Bootcamp was worth the time and the investment. Teresa gives you constructive feedback, deadlines that are easy to attain, and she's available to you the whole way. I work a full time job and my writing didn't interfere with it or any other responsibilities I had. Now my book is going through the editing and publishing process.


Write with Confidence + Clarity.
Finally, start and complete your book.

Birth Your Book® Bootcamp

An 8-Week Writing Acceleration + Accountability Coaching Program for Kingdom Leaders and Christian Coaches/Consultants Who Are Ready to

 Package their Brilliance, Monetize Their Message, and

Expand their Influence with a transformational book.

This program is only open to individuals who are serious about prioritizing their writing and ditching excuses. If you are motivated to start and finish, you desire to write a non-fiction book, and you are coachable, Bootcamp is an option for you.

Magnify your Message. Expand Your Impact. Increase Your Influence. Build the Kingdom

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Interested in working together?  
You've been called for such a time as now, and I am looking forward to working with you to birth your book.

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Writing a Book

Birth Your Book® Bootcamp

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