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Truth2RenewHearts Publishing is a Christian writing & self-publishing consultancy positioning leaders to clarify their message, unleash their expertise, and launch profitable author brands. ​

We specialize in partnering with:


Entrepreneurs (coaches & consultants) looking to package their expertise in a high-quality publication to establish credibility and increase their influence 

Ministry Leaders 
ready to transform their professional and personal experiences into a captivating message that empowers and equips

whose aim is to share an inspirational message and are looking for support with message development + personal accountability

Women of faith (and bold men) 
desiring to share their testimony and turn their pain into power by packaging their story in a book

We understand that you value stellar service and quality outcomes. 


Recognizing your position, we are here to equip you to package your message in the form of a manuscript and execute behind the scenes, taking care of the intricate details of the entire self-publishing process for you so you can focus on your area of passion while being in a position to launch your book with ease, impact, and profitability. 

What distinguishes Truth2RenewHearts Publishing from other companies is that we offer high-touch writing coaching & consulting and an assisted self-publishing team with a professional graphic designer and interior design artist who will yield a high-quality book that will hold its own next to any traditionally published book. We produce a professionally designed book for you and, contrary to other self-publishing companies, you retain 100% of your book royalties, intellectual property, and publication rights. 

Your message will be transformed into a premium publication that is professionally designed, visually appealing, and captivating so you can increase your influence, magnify your expertise, and add a new product feature to your business, ministry, or personal brand. 


As an emerging author who is also a Believer,

we recognize your goal is to transform lives and share a powerful message while upholding Truth.

When you choose us, we partner with your mission to impact people and build the Kingdom of God.


Truth2RenewHearts Publishing Editorial Standards

Editorial Standards are essential to our partnership with authors. Can two walk together, except they be agreed?(Amos 3:3 KJV). As a Christian publishing consultancy, we strive to uphold Biblical principles. As you profess to be Christian, we want you to be confident that you are joining a family of authors and a publishing partner that shares in the same values as you. We also strive to present works to the world that our customers can trust will inspire, motivate, transform, and renew readers’ hearts and minds.


Christian Editorial Standards

By reviewing and submitting your manuscript for publication, you are confirming that the content of your manuscript is an agreement with our editorial standards and there are mutual values and beliefs shared between you, your manuscript, and Truth2RenewHearts Publishing.

Titles published with the Truth2RenewHearts Publishing brand must meet the following standards:

  • Communicators who openly profess faith in Jesus Christ


As a faith-based company, while we do not judge one’s relationship, we do want to work with authors who are proud of their faith and who profess Jesus is Lord (Romans 10:9-10).


  • Communicators who strive to live a lifestyle that is pleasing to God and draws others to Christ         


We believe that only one is perfect, and that one is Jesus Christ. Therefore, we understand as humans we are not perfect; however, we do believe that we have the power to present our bodies as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1) unto Him. We look to publish works of messengers whose aim is to glorify God in this way whether through fiction or non-fiction works.


  • Content in the manuscript upholds biblical standards and is consistent with a biblical worldview


Titles should challenge, encourage, inspire, and transform the hearts, minds, and souls of the readers, empowering them to draw closer to God and/or perceive their lives, situations, and circumstances through a biblical worldview.


  • Content is morally and spiritually pure, and free of counter-biblical teaching


We will not publish works which contain the following:

  • Profanity

  • Details, directions, encouragement, or promotion of the practice of witchcraft, the occult, numerology, horoscopes, magic, horror, new age practices, and the like

  • The encouragement of violence against, or hatred of, any social, cultural, ethnic, gender or religious groups

  • Indiscriminate violent or sexual content described, implied, or encouraged.

  • Recommendations or instructions that may be harmful to readers or others

  • Personal proprietary right violations or infringements; including but not limited to copyrights, trademark rights, trade secret rights, contract rights, privacy rights or publicity rights of any persons



In the event your manuscript does not align with the Christian Editorial Standards, your book will be unable to be published through the Truth2RenewHearts imprint. In this case, please recognize that Truth2RenewHearts is not diminishing the value of your manuscript, message, condemning its content, your perspective, or character. We welcome and encourage you to publish your book through another company that best fits your needs, beliefs, and vision.

Meet Our Founder: Teresa Renee Hunt, M.Ed


Teresa Renee Hunt is a Best-Selling Author, Book Coach, Life-Strategist, and Empowerment Speaker. 

The founder of Truth2RenewHearts Publishing, a self-publishing & branding agency, she specializes in equipping entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, and purpose-driven women to clarify their message, package their expertise & experience and launch powerful books so they can magnify their impact, influence, and income.


Her clients have become Award-Winning authors, Best-Selling authors, Essence Festival features, notable conference speakers, and have built captivating brands by leveraging the power of their wisdom and written words! Teresa and the Truth2RenewHearts Publishing team offers clarity & breakthrough coaching, manuscript editing, book publishing, leadership & success trainings, and seminars teaching the signature Birth Your Book ™ framework.

In addition to coaching thought-leaders and imparting strategies for personal and professional success, Teresa is the 2x Amazon Best-Selling Author of the books Positioned To Be Found: How To Prepare Yourself for Marriage Right Now and the Focused Faith Journal. Teresa serves as a contributing writer for the New Pittsburgh Courier and Nia Online Magazine. She has been recognized as one of Pittsburgh’s Fab40, received the High-Powered Black Girl Magic recognition through the Women Entrepreneurs of Pittsburgh, and her business has been featured in the Soul Pitt Quarterly Magazine.

The message she firmly shares is- “You don't have to be perfect in order to make an impact. You just have to be willing to walk in your power and move. Move on your ideas. Put some action behind your faith and get going. Choose purpose over perfection every single time”.  

You can learn more about Teresa at

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